Find out what your return on investment is with CGI

Return on investment with CGI Images

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Return on investment is a critical factor that is to be seriously considered before investing money into any marketing content. Often times it is the outcome of ROI calculations that ultimately drives the budget and the final decision of whether or not one invests in a particular piece of content, image, video, website etc. Property marketing is no different, where investment into particular content should be analysed to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

CGI content and the ROI's of the cost involved:

-          Higher quality, composition and level of photorealism often set our images apart from the rest, standing out to potential buyers.

-          Increased exposure = improved conversion. The quality of your CGI images really does make all the difference in driving exposure and generating interest.

-         This higher quality of the image speaks volumes to the overall quality of the entire project, many times great designs and thought out features not translating well due to poorly composed and low-quality imagery.

-          Optimised workflow allows high quality images to be reasonably priced

-          High level content for use on company website and social media, building confidence in your brand and service quality.

-          Every project is unique, and every client has their own style and vision they’d like to convey. Our team will take the time to understand your needs, your project and tailor make a unique solution to suit.

-          VR! Its all the rage at the moment and we were among the first to explore this idea and to create cost effective ways of marketing through the use of VR. See the recent project done for a house and land client below. This experience allows the potential buyers to "walk-through' the home and customise colour selections within the kitchen.

Calculating ROI's when choosing a CGI company?

When considering a business to handle your CGI Imagery for any project, there are some key factors to consider when analysing the ROI of using their images.

-          Exposure and successful project marketing depends on quality

-          Quality of the imagery depends on who is engaged to create

-          Who is engaged to create imagery often depends on the budget

-          Budget for imagery should be dependant on the kind of exposure and successful project marketing you are after

It goes around full circle and one is always dependant on the rest, make sure you hire the right team for your CGI Imagery and you will achieve success with project marketing.

Check out this article by Jayson DeMers on Forbes.com on how to increase the ROI of your content marketing.


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