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3D Consulting Services: What to Expect

Make the move and get your computer-generated imagery or virtual reality project underway with Rendered Reality’s creative 3D consulting services.

The Process

The initial 3D consultation process is used to discuss each element of the project in detail so we can further understand your project vision and develop a realistic time frame for completion. The goal of our 3D consulting services is to comprehend and appreciate your expectations for the final result, so we can build a strategic, individualised approach to completing your project. 

Come prepared to your creative consult with the key messages and brand position you want to display throughout your computer-generated imagery or virtual reality project. Understand your key design specifics and any elements you want as a feature. We will discuss your marketing strategy so we can better create your project with marketing goals, ideal shot locations and image placement in mind. 

When executing our 3D consulting services, the creative director and lead 3D artist will be present in the meeting to grasp the expected style and feel of your desired content, as well as to better understand your key values and excitement for completion.

Why We Do

Our services allow you to explore, present and share your designs like never before.

What We Do

At Rendered Reality, we specialise in high-quality, realistic and innovative 3D rendering and Virtual Reality.

Who We Are

Our team are experts at creating exterior and interior CGI renders from 2D plans. We can produce exceptional visuals for all projects, and can tailor our services to suit your budget and needs.

What to Bring to Your Creative Consult

We recommend you bring along all the information you have relating to the project. Anything is useful, including but not limited to your full architectural plan set, any 3D images already provided by the Architect and Designer, example images of styles you favour, project marketing strategy information (any branding, colouring, logos, styles etc) as well as your anticipated timeline for CGI content delivery.

Our Services

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