Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Services

"A new way to explore what is yet to become a reality"

We specialise in creating innovative virtual reality experiences for off-plan developments. Our in-house team will work closely with you to help your designs see a new reality. 

The first step of leveraging our virtual reality services for your architectural project is to meet our team for a creative 3D consultation. Our talented team of virtual reality architecture artists will digitally render your designs to create a photorealistic and precise visualisation of your project.

Style Master Homes

Navigate through the Piazza style home and customise features such as the material palette in the kitchen.


Product for Ecoflo's Nature Loo Classic 850 makes easily accessible by rural and international customers.


MS Queensland and Project Dignity 120! This experience shows you what this amazing cause is all about.

Interactive Virtual Tours

Explore, present and share your designs like never before. Our talented team of VR architecture artists will digitally render your designs and meticulously create every aspect of what is to come when your design is built. VR architecture is the next best thing to investing in a time machine!


How Virtual Reality Works

The VR headset is the most important part of virtual reality technology as the user’s vision must be simulated to create an effective virtual environment. By putting on a virtual reality headset, you’re able to eliminate external real-world interaction to allow for complete immersion in the virtual environment. This virtual environment, your CGI rendered architectural project, can now be navigated with simple user motions such as head and eye movements. The visuals can then be adjusted to reflect any change in perspective. 

This equipment is completely portable and can be quickly arranged anywhere, making it the ideal technology for meetings, events and fundraising.


Why Use Our Virtual Reality Services?

Our virtual reality services will excel your communication efforts with the help of a wide range of immersive, interactive and engaging VR experiences. Put your clients directly inside planned development using a simulated, three-dimensional world which they can manipulate and explore. The 3D environment provides the user more perspective in regards to the designs scale, depth and spatial awareness. Find out more on How to Use Virtual Reality Real Estate to your Advantage.

Benefits of Using Virtual Reality

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Review ideas before construction
  • Obtain great marketing collateral 
  • Encourage emotional connection in buyer
  • Create an immersive home buying experience
  • Save on time and money


When To Use Architectural Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality services can be capitalised on at any stage of project design from feasibility through to construction. By using a 3D rendered model over the course of the project, ideas can be discussed, reviewed and improved on straight from inception to allow for the creation of a better final product. 

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