How to Use Virtual Reality Real Estate to your Advantage

How to Use Virtual Reality Real Estate to your Advantage

Using Virtual Reality Real Estate (VR) is now one of the most effective ways to encourage home buyers to enter the property market. The huge potential for this growing market is marked in the endless number of ways an agent can create convenience using virtual reality technology for property sales. 

Why Use Virtual Reality Real Estate?

The property market is steadily growing, with most people seeking an opportunity to get their foot in the door and own their own homes. Unfortunately for some, this process involves spending countless hours scrolling through online property listings and travelling to unnecessary property inspections, just to realise the property isn’t right for them. With the commitment of the search process lingering at the back of the buyer’s mind, the time taken for buyers to enter the property market becomes significantly lengthier when done traditionally.

The benefits of using Virtual Reality Real Estate technology is that it combats each frustrating aspect of property sales to create a faster, personalised, and interactive home buying experience.

Powerful Virtual Reality Real Estate Tools

Real Estate agents can use powerful virtual-reality tools to allow a home buyer to view a completed home, regardless of its completion status. The following methods outline how you can capitalise on virtual reality real estate to create a straightforward, simple inspection process.

1. Virtual Property Displays

Instead of travelling to view multiple properties in various locations your client can now virtually take a tour of a property without lifting a muscle. Now think of this tool’s potential, within ten minutes of virtual property showcases, the client is now able to view multiple properties before making an informed decision on which they’d like to visit in person.


Image Source: Realestate.com.au


2. Virtual Staging

Instead of going through the stress of staging an unfurnished home, you can now list an empty home and give the illusion of it being furnished to evoke emotional appeal within the buyer.

Using virtual reality real estate, powerful design tools, and images of an empty home, you can fill it with virtual furnishings and decorations to create a homely and comfortable environment.

3. Visualising Architecture

Marketing a property that hasn’t been built yet can be extremely difficult without the help of virtual reality real estate. By giving buyers an interactive tour of a to-be-built property, it’s possible to gauge the interest of buyers before even laying a brick. Virtual reality can also be useful to demonstrate more than just what’s inside the home. Many buyers consider their neighbourhood, streets, and surrounding architecture. Virtual reality has the power to showcase the surrounding facilities and architecture to help influence the buyer’s informed decision.

Benefits of Using Virtual Reality Real Estate

1. Virtual Reality Saves Time

By eliminating the time taken to travel to and view unwanted properties, inspections become more meaningful when the client has already had some insight into what’s on the market. A huge benefit of this is the increased time allocated to new client enquiries.

2. Virtual Reality Saves Money

When considering the costs of marketing a home, the costs of staging a home, as well as travel expenses, it becomes fairly evident that a remote inspection tool will cut costs.

3. Virtual Reality is Interactive

Clients can move about the home freely just by focusing on a room, giving them the power to inspect each angle of every room. For on-the-plan homes, it becomes possible for clients to customise aspects of their future home (eg. change floorings and benchtops) by using a CGI Rendering Gallery.

4. Emotional Connection

By removing the mobility barrier and allowing clients more time to explore the property in detail as well as revisit it when they’d like, they have the potential to become emotionally connected to their future home before purchasing it.

5. Global Reach

Perhaps one of the most beneficial elements of virtual reality real estate is the ability to service international clients from a remote location. This can significantly reduce your client’s stress levels, travel time, as well as allow them to partake in decision making from a distance.

Using Virtual Reality to Transform your Real Estate Business

The number of ways an agent can use virtual reality real estate to their advantage makes it an incredibly powerful tool in the art of home buying. The convenience that VR affords both the seller and the buyer makes home buying an extremely simple, affordable, and personalised experience. This technology is guaranteed to revolutionise how off-plan properties are sold and purchased in the coming years. So why not Contact Us, and let’s discuss the changes you need to dominate the real estate market.

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