Why use VR to sell your property? Part II

Why use VR to sell your property?

"Part II - Traditional VS New"

The greatest issue most marketers face revolve around lead generation and lead quality. Much time is wasted on phone conversations and visits that don’t really seem to be progressing. Virtual reality presents a myriad of opportunities for developers to speed up the path to purchase and reduce traditional marketing spend. Most purchasers (with the exception of investors) require three touch points before they buy.


1.       Traditional advertising in the form of a hoarding or print ad might be the awareness kicker.

2.       Online research comes next

3.       Then a visit to the display suite usually follows.

NOTE. As the buyer gets older and the property more expensive, this journey gets longer.


1.       Virtual reality crunches this journey. What can be done in a display suite is done at home. Clients can download an app or go online, view the spaces in 3D, tour the virtual environment, as well as immerse themselves in the space via personal Virtual viewing goggles.

2.       This is important with the highly affluent downsizer market as their decisions can take longer to percolate and require consultation with the wider family. Will the grandkids fit? Can we still host Christmas?

3.       When they’ve toured around the project and are ready to see a sales agent, they’re confident the product fits their requirements and are keen to be sold to.

Qualified leads generally are more successful ones, saving time and energy to be spent on buyers who have familiarity with the project and ones that may have even developed an emotional connection to the space through their VR experience.

More info on emotional connection through VR see our recent blog here.

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