Why use VR to sell your property? Part I

Why use VR to sell your property?

"Part I - Emotional Connection"

We already know that our brain stores 65-80% of visual data compared to just 10% textual and that the most successful marketing is both experiential and memorable. Put simply, our brains are 65-80% more likely to remember a red cat, wearing a purple scarf, playing the trombone if we see it, rather than if we read about it. Furthermore, our memory of this cat would be even deeper seeded in our minds if we had some sort of emotional connection to red cats, purple scarves or trombones at the point of seeing the image. Rough analogy, but the concept itself is simple enough.


For more information on visual vs text content, check out this post by Pixelo

“Our brain stores 65-80% of visual data compared to just 10% textual”

Experience & Emotional Connection

Film and music are two ways marketers are currently attempting to evoke these emotions in buyers, however many are seeing success using the latest Virtual Reality tools for experiential storytelling. This technology opens new doors for clients to step inside their future home or investment, explore, question and most importantly, experience what it is like to be there. The value of experience is not to be undersold as it is many times the key to a memorable project, one that instils confidence and ultimately leads to the sale.

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