8 Benefits of 3D Rendering

8 Benefits of 3D Rendering

benefits of 3d rendering

Visualisation technology, 3D rendering, is frequently being used by players in the construction and real-estate market due to its ability to prepare attractive as well as cost-effective project models. There are many benefits of 3D rendering. Mainly, rendered images can be used for promotional and marketing activities. This allows smaller companies to stay relevant and competitive in a large market.

benefits of 3d rendering

Image source: Global Market Insights

It’s expected that the 3D Rendering market size will experience a 20% growth margin between 2019 and 2025, according to Global Market Insights. With people becoming increasingly aware of just how valuable 3D rendering can be to a business, we thought we’d go through the top eight benefits of 3D rendering.

1. Design Precision and Realism

benefits of 3d rendering

3D rendering is based on detailed designs which include all aspects of the build, such as the likely flooring, material finishes, furniture, furniture layout, lighting, landscaping and views. This information forms the initial concept for the design so 3D artists can deliver a high-quality render with accurate finishes and photorealism. You’ll notice in the above render, done by Rendered Reality, the emphasis on lighting and texture effectively brings this design to a life-like form.

2. Develop Multiple Design Options

benefits of 3d rendering benefits of 3d rendering

If you’ve been assigned a project that allows total design freedom, one of the main benefits of 3D rendering is that you can develop multiple design options to showcase to the client. In comparison to using traditional 3D models, it was very time-consuming to create more than one design alternative. Now, it’s quicker than ever to tweak a design to feature different colours, plans, landscape and furnishings with ease and the added benefit of photorealism.

3. Increase Sales / Profitability

Increasing profitability is especially accurate for 3D renders being used in the real estate market as buyers are given the opportunity to visualise (and make changes to) the property before construction begins. Being involved in the design process can assist in developing an emotional connection between the buyer and the property. There is also the added benefit of using virtual reality to drive sales. To find out more on this, read our blog on How to Use Virtual Reality Real Estate to your Advantage.

4. Stay Within Legal Parameters

benefits of 3d rendering

Architects are required to remain within legal parameters when building a home or a large enterprise. One of the benefits of 3D rendering is the potential to have the design reviewed by a number of engineers or quality control personnel very quickly. Because this method addresses potential legal concerns, they can simply be rectified before completion of the project. Being able to foresee and correct any legal oversights with 3D rendering is extremely beneficial when tackling projects such as apartment blocks, schools or hospitals.

5. Identify Problems and Make Changes Before Construction

benefits of 3d rendering

As stated above, the ability to identify problems before construction commences is one of the greatest benefits of 3D rendering. This could be as simple as noticing an issue with the material palette, the layout of the floor plan, or it could be noticing something that disrupts the neighbour’s comfort or living space. So, the benefit lies in being able to correct this problem quickly as well as cost-effectively.

6. Build an Impressive Portfolio

benefits of 3d rendering

As a freelancer, the portfolio designs you can create are endless. Having many designs available to view is an effective way to showcase your talent, creative mindset as well as your 3D rendering capabilities. 3D rendering is attention-grabbing, easily comprehendible, and competitive. You’ll quickly see your portfolio viewers converting into clients. View Rendered Reality’s CGI Gallery.

7. Increase your Online Presence

A comprehensive online portfolio allows you to communicate to stakeholders across multiple channels. Architectural renderings are great to use as promotional material and have the potential to quickly gain attention across a wide range of demographics. Additionally, by creating new content and sharing it, your name will quickly become known.

8. Easy to Distribute for Marketing

benefits of 3d rendering

By uploading your project video to YouTube, or your images to your online portfolio, it becomes much easier to share a link across Social Meda or email channels for review. 3D visualisation is one of the most effective ways to market a concept to the public! In comparison to the difficulties that come with transporting a physical 3D design model, the shareability of computer-generated-images is one of the greatest benefits of 3D rendering.

Benefits of 3D Rendering with Rendered Reality

Rendered Reality can quickly execute your idea into high-quality 3D rendered images that are scalable, navigable, and interactive. By leveraging the benefits of 3D rendering services and visualisation, you can bring your unbuild projects to life! As well as use them for promotional and marketing activities. Get competitive and allow stakeholders to see the interior and exterior of your project with a creative consultation. Contact us to find out more!

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